5 good reasons to be without relationships?

Are you sad because you don’t have a partner right now, and no one is making a confession of love on St. Valentine’s Day? And you may find it hard to reconcile that thought. Especially when you constantly find hearts, shops, cafes, the street, and the Internet, love symbols like “what to gift in the second half” or “how to spend a Valentine’s Day” and other tips … Sad? Not at all. Loneliness has many benefits. Don’t believe it, read this article.

Freedom and free time

Although you do not have your second half, you have complete freedom in the sense that you can do as you wish. You can spend a lot of time with friends, having fun, playing cards, taking a surprise trip (going on a hike or just out of town), doing your favorite things, giving up on learning (or working). In short, do whatever you want without thinking that someone is waiting for you and asking for your attention and care or for gifts on Valentine’s Day.

Besides, you don’t have to make the effort to look appropriate, do you want to wear your favorite old botas, or go out of hair, it’s your right, no pee. And if you’ve been wanting to experiment with your ex for a long time, it’s time for a change: change your image, try other styles

A hobby like just you are

If you still have no occupation or interest, it’s time to think about what you like, help you relax and relax, which can help you express your feelings. Is embroidery yours? So look for an occupation that will give you positive impulses that you can be proud of, enjoy your leisure time with no tiredness or other circumstances.

The person who is really interested is very attractive, he is attracted to people. Agree that with a person who is interested in doing their favorite job, it is very interesting to communicate and make friends.

New acquaintances

And of course, the lack of permanent relationships allows for new contacts and relationships with different people. And no one will be and won’t be jealous when you meet new people, interact with an attractive girl or young man. Of course, if your route is always the same as “home-lessons-home”, it will be difficult to establish new acquaintances …. So:

change your usual route, because any place can be reached in different ways,
start attending any courses, master classes,
join youth gatherings and other exciting events,
Or just stroll around the beautiful cityscape … Do you remember that you are completely free?
As you meet new people, try to be open, talk about yourself, and share interesting things. But also show interest in the lives and occupations of your new acquaintances. Sometimes it is necessary to put aside one’s own shame and take the first step in getting to know someone. Whether or not these new acquaintances will become friends or important people for you is not a must at all and depends on many circumstances. But in any case, the experience of contact will definitely be useful.

Self-analysis within

You have dreams, but they are not specific, and it is not clear how to achieve those goals. The time you have is a great opportunity for you to set priorities and set goals. And how to do it the right way? The answer to everything you can find on the web.

It is not necessary, by the way, to decide how you see your future relationship. What kind of person do you see next to you? A clear understanding will help you to better orient people. Getting to know a new person at the beginning of your relationship will help you understand whether you fit in well, do your views on relationships and life in general coincide. Such self-analysis will help avoid many mistakes and disappointments and build harmonious relationships in the future

Freedom of Emotion and all form

Waiting for a call or appointment… a demand for constant attention or care, jealousy, feelings about yourself and your relationships. it is all like dependence on another person, his behavior or his actions. And how good it is when it’s not there. And you can allow yourself to be sympathetic to another person, even for a short time. And then change your taste and sympathize with someone else. But in such a short relationship, it is important not to hurt another person or your own heart and not lose yourself.

Serious relationships are binding in some ways. After a round of candies and bouquets, when people are in love and see only the positive, there comes a stage that requires constant work on yourself. We have to learn from each other, come to terms, sometimes compromise, compromise. And it is not always easy and smooth. So we should rejoice that at this moment there is no need to make concessions and be diligent, but one can enjoy freedom.

Of course, those are not all the pros, they are more. If that doesn’t suit you, you can take a paper or create a Word file and write down all your thoughts on it. And about your discoveries you can write us on Facebook. Let’s see the positive in everything together.

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