How to survive the loss of love – facts

You had known each other for a long time, made friends, and then suddenly he offered to meet. And everything was wonderful, like in a fairy tale … Until the day when he unexpectedly announced that he was going to another country where his life would be completely different and you could stay friends …. Sorry, offensive, but you cannot change this situation. How to survive your separation? How to put up with the loss of the first, true love?

The desire to be loved and loved is available to any person, regardless of age or other characteristics. And if love is mutual, it brings joy and pleasure, it makes people happy. But not everything in this world can last forever. And even the deepest feelings pass, and the closest relationships end. And sometimes it can not only make you sad, but also frustrating. Losing love can be a difficult test of life. How to survive this situation?

  • First, decide for yourself how you feel about this situation and the person you still love. Feel pain, tension, negative emotions – this is normal. Allow yourself these feelings, let yourself feel grief.
  • Find a way to express your feelings and thoughts. This can be done with the help of conversations with your close friends or compassionate friends. For example, with a girlfriend or sister who has experienced separation or loss in time. There are other options: drawing, writing, writing, writing a blog. After all, creativity in all its forms is the best way to experience everything you feel.
  • Remember that your loved ones are compassionate and concerned about you. Turn to them for help, even if you think they don’t understand you. In all cases, it is more advisable than to lock yourself in a room and isolate yourself from the whole world. With this option it is more difficult to get rid of the pain.
  • But if you want to be alone with your own thoughts, you can do it. You can have a good cry in your room. Sometimes that helps. It is important not to get too discouraged and do not get a headache.
  • Allow yourself to relax to experience loss more easily. If you can, you can skip 1-2 lessons at school or university, it is better than sitting in the classroom and looking out the window with tears in your eyes, remembering your good times.
  • Try to keep following you. Don’t forget about relaxation, nutrition and physical activity. A head wash and no fresh air will not help the case.
  • Get rid of the arousing memories of your lost love. It will help you not to over-remember your failed relationships. The popular saying goes: “Out of sight, out of heart.”
  • Try not to make important decisions, avoid drastic steps and changes in your life. A time of grief is not the best time to take drastic or important steps.
  • Find new ways to spend your free time in search of strength and discover new opportunities for yourself. Seek out interesting things, interests, meet new people on your own or with the help of your friends. It will help you restore faith in your own strength.

Believe that you will be able to continue living, that pain will worsen over time. And if you still love that person, your thoughts and memories about him will not be so painful.

Life is such that you will have difficulties, times of grief, and despair. And it is perfectly normal to grieve over lost love. It means that you live and are able to love and feel.

On call distance Love

Space and distance is a real test for lovers. Some believe that such relationships are doomed to failure from the beginning. Others believe that time and prolonged separation helps the couple become more intimate. Which opinion is true? Read this article.

A person is used to classifying any information and viewing everything as “black” or “white.” Especially it is about controversial topics. However, it is important to understand that there can be no clear rule or advice when it comes to the relationship of two loving people. Every relationship is unique, just as people are. And it only depends on us whether we can maintain our love or not.

Let’s look at the “difficult” side of spacetime relationships and try to find ways to solve problems. It is important to note that this applies to couples who have met in real life, are confident in their partner and want to be together. Online relationships is a completely different matter and the subject of a separate article.

Lack of attention

A few days ago you could see your loved one at any time, make a pleasant surprise or just cheer up. And now you do not have the opportunity. But here is the positive side. For example, you can delve into the traditions typical of the era of romantic knighthood and start sending letters, postcards, or bundles to each other. And no matter if it’s a New Year or another occasion, you just decided to send a lovely souvenir to your loved one. In addition, you can surprise your second half with a bouquet or pizza at any time with a special delivery service.

A beautiful myth tells that the famous Soviet poet Mayakovsky fell in love with Tatyana Yakovleva. Deciding not to give up, he spent all the money he received from his Paris talks on buying flowers for his beloved wife. Even after the poet’s death, the woman regularly received a bouquet of “Mayakovsky” signatures. And during World War II he managed to survive by selling those flowers he had dedicated to himself.
You don’t have the opportunity to spend time together
With split space, you spend your free time in a different way, which makes it harder to find common topics for conversation with each new correspondence.

To avoid this problem, introduce a habit: watch a movie or listen to your favorite music every night by pressing the play button at the same time. This way you will feel together and have the opportunity to discuss topics, share your emotions.

A matter of confidence

When you are away from each other, it is practically impossible to know where and how your friend spends time. That is why the issue of trust is especially acute.

If you have any doubts, honestly share your second half and explain exactly what you think is suspicious.

To avoid conflicts on this issue, try to tell each other where and with whom you will go, as well as when you will return home. It is not only good but also useful in terms of security.

Suspicious future

If you think your relationship is serious, then the question of the future will always be open and acute.

When you have been assigned to study in another country or town or simply cannot meet regularly for some reason or another, it is difficult to decide or plan for anything specific. That’s why you don’t have to think right now about who and with whom to move and how. If you don’t see it for a long time in the future, it’s not worth deciding in advance. After all, things can change, both for yourself and for yourself. But at the moment you can implement some minimal action plan, in particular:

  • try to heed these tips,
  • communicate as often as possible online or through Skype,
  • share your emotions and concerns,
  • talk about your feelings and how much you value your relationship,
  • be faithful,
  • sincerely believe that your relationship will withstand this ordeal,
  • Seek opportunities to meet with full strength.

In the space it is difficult to “refresh” emotions, but everything is possible if desired.

And remember that relationships are a constant job, the outcome of which depends on both of you.

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