Internet Relationships “Good” or “Bad”?

Communication on the Internet today is as widespread (if not more so) and well-known as face-to-face communication. People on the Internet have long been dating, falling in love and dating, then divorcing without meeting their real-life acquaintance. And so, start and build relationships online. is it good or bad? It is not for us to judge. But there are some dangers to online relationships.

What you should we beware of?

Your interlocutor can easily become another person. From using pictures of others to life stories and false emotions. How can this be found online?

  1. If you have any doubts about the pictures, you can google search with pictures. It is very likely that the human avatar image is taken from someone else’s personal page. And if you are an active user of social networks, it will often prevent you from checking that your personal photos are not being used by others for fraud and fraud.
  2. Be sure to rate her account. Is the number of likes and followers supported, is the information accurate and complete? How often does he post pictures from the same installation? Agree that if the profile contains a lot of misleading information or is missing altogether, and when judging by the pictures, people often use teleports to move to different countries, this is doubtful.
  3. Be careful about your correspondence. Analyze the extent to which your interviewee answers the template, does he or she answer all your questions confidently? Some web lovers have a list of ready answers that sends out to everyone, even without reading the question or the recipient’s name.

It is important to understand that you cannot be 100% confident in your online acquaintance, as unlike real face-to-face communication, online communication does not see the non-verbal language of the human body, its facial expression (especially cheating), and its genuine response response. on any other situation or speech, notice other suspicious signs.
If you would like to know more about internet security, we recommend reading this , this and this article.

It is necessary to be aware of these seemingly simple but important things.

Personal information

It has been written about many times, and you should never forget that your online chat is a completely unknown person. And you take a pretty risky step when giving him information about your place of residence, place of study, or sharing your personal experiences.

Even people we know in real life are sometimes unpredictable, so what about your online acquaintances?

Never send or write down anything that can be used to humiliate or humiliate a person. This is especially true of highly personal photos or messages, as blackmail has been spreading through the Internet in recent years.

Remove the masks?

What if you have had feelings as a result of your contact? The answer is simple: maximize your communication with the real. Start with Skype or phone calls, and then arrange a personal meeting. But that doesn’t mean you should meet in one of you. You can meet at a scientific conference, concert, or public event, on a hike or on a hike, in a youth camp, or in any crowded place.

If it turns out that a person doesn’t want to bring your online communication from the messaging to the real world, then try to end that acquaintance. It turns out that your relationship has no future.

And one more thing. There is a very wise word. “It divides man and woman into 20 steps. So you have to do your ten and stop . ” Because if you took 10 steps for your actual meeting, and in response silence or excuses, you need to make appropriate conclusions.

If your relationships are genuine and genuine, then people also strive to be that way, not hide or smiley. behind profiles. So make sure your acquaintance or other half is verified and trustworthy, not a fake image.

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Surprise gift ideas for your internet love

On the eve of a loved one’s holiday, many are beginning to think about how to make it a memorable event for both of you. What to give? How to surprise your loved one and show off your love and attention once again with the help of a surprise gift! Read more about this in this article.

Romantic message

Think of the content of the rote text first, design it beautifully, for example, put it in an envelope, and put it in your friend’s bag, notepad or jacket with a little surprise souvenir. For example, a small key (“the key to your heart”), a beautiful feather (“from the angel’s wing”), a dried flower (“from the first bouquet”) or some other symbolic thing may serve as a souvenir. You can send part of the messages via social networks. So, your loved one will get a few surprises during the day and remember your meetings.

Reward gifting

The web is full of beautiful templates that you can use to create a unique gift for your loved one: ” The Most Enchanting Smile “, ” The Most Beautiful Eyes “, “For the Best Heart ” and more. When making a choice, think about the reasons why you are “gifting” this to your boyfriend / girlfriend, and be sure to tell him / her when giving him or her a gift.

Your shared memories album

Paste together your general photos and memoirs of your pastime together, your romantic letters, movie tickets or theater tickets saved in a notebook. Make short records of them all, and then organize a commemoration of your relationship.

Musical inspiration

If you sing well, you can record a few songs by creating a special playlist from the music that is associated with your relationship. You can listen to it together or dance to these songs during a romantic evening.

Sweet surprise

Create a sweet themed collection. For example, fill only in the box or basket with yellow fruits and fruits and fasten a small postcard with the title “My Sun” . With your surprise gift, you can highlight your girlfriend or girlfriend’s interests or profession by donating a specially designed “sweet bouquet” (using sweet design techniques) or for example a ball / worm (for sportsmen) or violin / piano (for musician) cake.

A movie about both of you in love

If you master computer software, you can make a video of your relationship yourself. Gather the most successful and important photos and videos and make a unique movie. You can use ready-made software, such as Movie Maker, for sure . Send it to a friend. We assure you that your surprise will be remembered for a very long time.

If you have good acquaintances in different cities and countries, you can make a unique gift. Ask them to paint in the most interesting and popular sights of their city, holding a piece of paper that reads, ” Even in Paris / Los Angeles / Moscow They Know Armen Loves Anahit”  or similar text.

Make a collage of all those pictures and send it to a friend.

Your love puzzle and game

Prepare a puzzle from your most successful painting (you can order it in the photo gallery or try it yourself) and then suggest that you collect it with a friend. In addition to the picture, you can make an interesting puzzle from a romantic expression of love that you print first on solid color paper and then cut. If you are going to make this gift yourself, write a romantic expression on the back, before cutting it, and pay attention to your second surprise after you collect the puzzle.

Intellectual surprise

Create a unique crossword based on important events in your relationship. The answers can be, for example:

  • your nicknames:
  • the month you met
  • the name of the first café you visited
  • your favorite song
  • the name of her first devoted flower
  • the movie you watched together during your first date

There are many variations, and if you combine your imagination, you can think of a keyword that will be visible when solving the crossword completely.

Love confession

We believe the classic is a beautiful confession of love, at the entrance of a beloved girl’s house or under a window, on large snow-colored letters, or made of burning candles / flowers. Such expressions of attention cannot go unnoticed.

Bring your imagination to life. Warm each other up on that beautiful February day with your love, and the celebration of lovers will be the brightest and most memorable event of this month.

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