labrador retriever grooming

If your Labrador does not receive an instant medical examination, the dog may die.
Be suspicious if your dog has a distended belly, is salivating excessively, or is trying to vomit and is not expelling any fluid.
You may also be disturbed, oppressed, sluggish, and even weak with a fast heart rate.
If you discovered something similar, take it to your vet as quickly as you can.

Food feeding
The nutritional health of the dog is shown from the hair. In feeding, in addition to basic dog food, you can
Add extra nutrients to make the hair soft and shiny,
For example, seaweed powder can help Labrador dogs have shiny hair. Sufficient nutrition makes the Labrador dog’s hair smooth and smooth,
Make your Labrador a geek among dogs.
For other dark labrador dogs such as red and brown, it is recommended that the owner feed them some natural astaxanthin.
Natural astaxanthin is a red carotenoid purified from Haematococcus Pluvialis. For dark-coloured Labrador dogs,
Not only is it good for restoring healthy colours, it makes the fur colour darker and brighter, it also has a strong antioxidant effect, making the Labrador dogs more resistant, and the body colour is better when the body is better.

Take a bath
Labrador does not require frequent bathing, because frequent bathing can easily damage the oil layer on the surface of the dog’s skin, leaving the dog’s skin exposed, more likely to be affected by parasites and the environment, and more likely to cause skin diseases. In general, the Labrador can be bathed every 7-10 days in summer, and the bathing cycle can be extended appropriately in winter. Of course, if Labrador frequently participates in outdoor sports, frequent outdoor training, etc., it needs to be bathed and cleaned in time to ensure that the body is clean and healthy.
Detailed steps: You can put a collar on the Labrador Retriever before bathing it so that you can control it while taking a bath.
Let the dog stand firm in the dedicated bathtub, first dip some water to gently comb the hair of the dog, and then use the disinfected cotton ball to block the ear of the dog to prevent water from entering the bath.
Slowly pour warm water on the dog to make the dog feel comfortable and calm down. Apply shampoo from the pet store on the body, scrub gently, and hold the collar of the dog with one hand. So as not to let the dog jump out or get water everywhere.
Pour the shampoo in your hands and scrub the dog’s head more carefully. Be careful during the whole process. Do not get the shampoo into the dog’s mouth and eyes (although the shampoo sold in each pet shop The hair lotion is marked with the words “Do not irritate the eyes”, but so far, there is no any particular shampoo that dogs like, so it is best to be careful.) Wash the dog first when washing Wash your dog’s body afterwards, and never scratch your head with your face. When you are sure to completely wash away the lotion remaining on the dog, it is recommended to use a conditioner, because the acid-base balanced conditioner is conducive to thoroughly washing the lotion remaining on the dog. Otherwise, these things left on the dog’s body will cause skin itching, and it is also easy to cause inflammation during the dog’s scratching process.
Use a large towel that can completely wrap the dog to dry the dog, remove the cotton ball in the ear of the dog, and wipe it clean. If your dog does not have a skin disease, you can set the hairdryer to “warm” to blow dry her hair, while combing its hair while blowing. If your dog is suffering from skin diseases, let the dog dry naturally without catching a cold. This is because the heat of the hairdryer can irritate the affected area of ​​the skin and cause itching.

Toenail trimming
Labrador’s toenails, if they grow too long, are likely to pierce into the palms. Labrador dogs will feel pain when walking and moving. They appear to walk arched back and even do not want to walk. In severe cases, they can cause palm inflammation.
subsequently, we must pay attention to the length of the nails of the Labrador dogs, and trim the nails of the dogs in time. If the nails are too long and embedded in the meat, the dogs are also very painful to walk. Therefore, you should always have a nail clipper to trim your dog’s nails at home. Don’t wait until you can’t handle it, but go to a pet hospital for treatment.
Trimming method: Hold Labrador’s foot with one hand, and carefully confirm where the toenails are cut, and quickly cut off the toenails; then, use a file to repair the toenails into a rounded shape. If you are unfamiliar, you can take a step-by-step cut, which is safer. If accidentally cut to the blood vessel, immediately apply the hemostatic agent to the wound to stop bleeding.
Pet grooming work is divided into many aspects, but these aspects are not difficult, as long as the owner is careful in the care, and pay attention to the method of care, pets can also be very comfortable. If the owner feels that his craft is a bit worse, or does not know how to care, then he can also send it to a pet grooming salon, although the cost is high, but the effect is particularly good and saves trouble.

The eyes and ears of Labrador dogs are very easy to breed bacteria, so ear wax and eye droppings also need to be cleaned up by the owner in time. If the accumulation is too much, it will also easily cause inflammation.
In addition, if the dog is found to have ears , especially when the situation is getting worse, and there are times when it is thrown hard. It is likely that there is a problem with the ear. To avoid this, the owner can clean the ears of the dog regularly. If you find that the dog’s ears are infected, it may be caused by germs. If the owner can regularly clean the earwax of the dog, such problems will be greatly reduced.
If you find that your dog’s ears smell, you must protect your dog well. It is best to use a damp cotton swab to clean it. If you are worried about this situation, it is best to use softening After the earwax is softened, the dog’s whip force can be used to throw the earwax out on its own. This effect is very good.
If you want to ensure the health of your dog, you must ensure that your dog is always clean and hygienic. Dogs are usually very sticky to their owners. If a dog is not clean, it is also easy to spread bacteria to the owner, so health and hygiene are very important for dogs.

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